Listing Agreement

Before a licensed real estate agent can introduce buyers to your property you must agree on several issues including:-

  • How the property is to be marketed - whether by Auction, Private.
  • Treaty, Tender or other method.
  • Who pays for the marketing costs and how much will be spent.
  • How long the agency agreement is to run for.
  • What fees will be payable to the agent.

More than 80% of residential properties in WA are marketed using the Standard Selling Agency Agreement which is a contract between the sellers and the agent. It clearly outlines all of the above issues and more. At Earnshaws we will ensure that you understand all of the options open to you before you enter into an Agreement with our company. eg: Did you know that you can choose between Open, Sole, Auction, Tender, Exclusive, Exclusive Plus or a Multi Listing? As active members of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, we have an open mind to all the different methods of selling and will recommend to you the one that we believe best suits your situation.