What's My Home Worth?

How much is your home worth? No doubt you have a value in mind but will the market meet (or exceed) that value? When your home is on the market, buyers will compare it with others presently for sale and those they have seen that have recently sold. If these buyers perceive your home as reasonable value and it suits their requirements, they may proceed to make an offer, however if they believe it's overpriced you won't see them again.

It's critical to accurately assess the true value of your home prior to offering it to the market - failing to do so can cost you thousands of dollars.

Earnshaws will consider the location, size, zoning and aspect of the land, the depreciated replacement cost of all improvements, redevelopment potential and special features. A thorough analysis of recent comparable sales and present competition will also assist your Earnshaws representative to determine a recommended marketing price.

Additionally, we assess the demand for your type of property in the area by consulting our current list of qualified buyers. You will be presented with a recommended marketing strategy with a price range to expect offers in, and some possible buyers for your property.

Market Appraisal