Selling Process

The complete process of selling a home involves considerable time, expertise and experience. As real estate agents, we're involved in all facets of this process daily. To help our clients understand the various stages we've provided a brief overview of each phase.

The first part of the process is often a market appraisal of the value of the home. After considering various options, you'll choose a method of marketing that's right for you. This will entail entering into a selling agency agreement with your agent.

Once this paperwork is complete the selling campaign can begin. The length of this campaign will vary depending on numerous factors, some of them beyond your control.

The next stage is when your agent presents you with an offer. This may happen more than once - if the first offer is unsatisfactory. The presentation and acceptance (or otherwise) of these offers is known as the offer and acceptance phase.

Obtaining an acceptable offer is one thing, getting settlement completed successfully may be more difficult. The sale to settlement period is fraught with potential disasters and several stressed out parties all wanting their own interests protected. We'll make sure this period is as easy as possible for you.

Once we get to settlement most of the hard work has been done, but there is still the handover to be completed.

At Earnshaws, we are skilled and experienced in all facets of the Selling Process. If you would like to read more information about these 6 phases, please click on the buttons in the left frame or contact us for an appointment for an obligation free discussion on your real estate requirements.