Why Us?

WHY EARNSHAWS REAL ESTATE? At Earnshaws we understand that buying or selling a home, block of land or investment property is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make (involving one of your biggest assets). Naturally, you want the best possible outcome. You'll also want sound advice you can trust and discreet professional service you can count on.

Earnshaws is not just another real estate agency.....we pride ourselves on being different in many positive ways that give our clients a significant edge when buying or selling.

Ten reasons why the smart choice when buying or selling is Earnshaws.

1. Our Marketing Philosophy.
It's quite simple. TELL THE WORLD THE PROPERTY IS FOR SALE. Buyers want to know as much as they can about the property before they arrange a viewing, so by giving out all the details (address, price, all features, land size, zoning etc) more genuine and qualified buyers inspect a sellers home. It's the SMART way of marketing.

2. A Website Presentation That SELLS.
More and more buyers are using the web to do their homework before they go looking so it's paramount to grab the attention of these buyers. We created our website with the buyer in mind. Let's face it, if the buyer loves it they'll visit it more than any other site. It's a favourite site for buyers because it's easy to navigate, gives more photos for the buyer to look at and tells the buyer everything about the property. Therefore our sellers benefit.

3. Positive Energy and Enthusiastic Team Environment
A Natural Health Therapist commented after dealing with our company that the positive energy and buzz around the office was something he hadn't experienced at any of the many real estate agencies he'd had dealings with before. We have embraced the “Fish Philosophy” and “Don't Sweat the Small Stuff” range of books. We believe that we can learn to take a positive out of every situation (no matter how hard it may be). We are positive and enthusiastic about everything we do, from finding a new home for buyers, managing landlord's homes or helping our sellers achieve a successful sale. But, perhaps more importantly, we have fun while we do this.

4. Buyer Leads Handled Immediately
Unlike most agencies, Earnshaws has a system whereby any buyer that enquires about a property is handled by any one of the sales staff. This immediate service means an enquiry on your property is handled as soon as it comes in, which could result in a much faster successful sale.

5. Experts in the Art of Negotiation.
Similar properties often do NOT sell for similar prices! The reason is - salespeople's negotiation skills are NOT all the same. Negotiation skills do vary considerably from agency to agency. At Earnshaws, all our consultants spend time on a weekly basis together fine tuning their skills in negotiation. It is this fundamental difference that sets Earnshaws apart from other local agents.

6. Administrative Support
At Earnshaws, we employ an administrative team to provide full backup and support to our sales department. With the help of state of the art database systems and quality procedures, they ensure that all aspects of your listing and sale are handled quickly and efficiently. You will always be kept informed, and there is never a chance of being “forgotten”, even after you move on!

7. Individual Selling Plans
Your discerning eye won't accept the off-the-rack marketing approach offered by franchised agencies. Nor do we. At Earnshaws we tailor a marketing program that is specifically designed to achieve a premium sale price whilst considering your needs and the uniqueness of your property. Your individual needs are the most important aspect of your relationship with Earnshaws.

8. Blue Ribbon Buyers Data Base
All agents will tell a seller “I have a buyer perfect for your home” just for you to sign the listing - it is the oldest trick in the book. At Earnshaws we only enter those buyers onto our data base that are fully qualified and genuine. We are more than happy for sellers to see this list before they make a decision. Nearly 20% of our properties are sold as a direct result of this data base, many before they even hit the open market.

9. Variety of Websites
At Earnshaws we feature your property on three key websites -

our own personally designed site at:www.earnshaws.com.au
the number 1 Australia wide website, www.realestate.com.au
and the most visited website by West Australians - www.reiwa.com.au

This gives our sellers' properties huge exposure and increases the chances of a buyer finding out about your property.